Friday, November 22, 2019

Reimagine YOUR Dining Furniture Just in Time for the Holidays!

Now that Thanksgiving is almost here, your dining room furniture needs a good hard looking at. Is it still up to snuff for your busiest social time of the year? Face it, you want your dining set to impress as you’re carving the turkey or observing your own holiday customs. The good news is at 5th Avenue Furniture you DON’T have to wait till after New Year’s to fit out your home with the most awesome dining set you can imagine. That’s because we’re the No. 1-ranked Detroit, MI furniture store offering you STEEP discounts and first-rate financing options year-round!

dining set with upholstered chairs

Exquisite Dining Sets Perfect for Your Budget

Your imagination regarding complete dining sets at 5th Avenue can be as fantastic as what’s on Santa’s list for you. Choose from fashion-forward options from elegant extension tables to finely upholstered dining chairs whose fabric can handle a few spills. Just wipe them right off and keep the food and the conversation going. Dare to enlarge your dining ensemble with amenities such as china cabinets for your antiques and wedding gifts to sturdy, useful dining room buffets to free up precious table space. If you’ve got a long guest list that needs much legroom, consider one of our many modern dining tables with trestle or pedestal bases. One of our favorite ultramodern tables boasts the look of fine sculpture, as much a conversation piece as your cooking! Kids adore our fun dining benches easy to slide in and out of so they can resume playing once they’ve cleaned their plates and asked to be excused as you’ve taught them.

Make THESE holidays the best with dining furniture from 5th Avenue!