Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Plan YOUR Perfect Home Office

Whether you intend to use your new home office as a full-time workstation now that you’ve dumped your commute so you can enjoy working from home online, kitchen command center for your household, or a study room or alcove so Junior or your budding grad student can study and you can make sure he or she stays focused, your ideal home office will take some thought and planning. Don’t let the prospect of that daunt you. Here at family-owned and operated 5th Avenue Furniture we have been helping households like yours adjust painlessly to the Internet age for many years now. Here are some of the wise things we’ve picked up along the way and would like to share with you.

 computer desk

The Tiniest Home Office

Your home at the moment may be so short on square footage that the TV room IS the kitchen! No worries. You too can have an awesome home office with a bit of creativity. The key word for this kind of home office furniture is versatility. We’re talking compact desks with built-in shelves below the top or nice roomy storage drawers. Extras to look for that don’t hog valuable space are electrical outlets and, naturally for computer work, a USB port. There are even full computer workstations you can tuck into a room’s disused corner to turn your home office dream into a reality.

 corner desk

Small Home Offices

Okay, so you’ve got a room or two in your abode so you can allot more space for your home office. In that instance, make the most of your good fortune with a slightly bigger corner desk with two ells and again built-in storage that doesn’t take up more room than the desk’s footprint. You’ll have ample desktop space to park your laptop, your tchotchkes, and even your cuppa morning Joe.

 credenza desk and hutch

Midsize to Large Home Offices

Got a room you can make over into your home office, either for privacy or a place to actually receive or treat patients or clients? Brilliant! Your home office horizons are virtually limitless. For the grand treatment, we suggest a fine cherry-finish credenza desk and hutch with all the bookshelf and storage space you could hope for, plus a traditional design to add some gravitas to your business proceedings. Good luck in your endeavors, whatever they may be!

Count on our Detroit, MI store to have the home office pieces and sets you need no matter the size and scope of your plan. And remember, if you find it for less, we’ll beat that price.