Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Your Dynamic Dining Room: Decor for 2018-2019

We’re nearing the end of 2018, and you know what that means: now’s the perfect time to think about renovating your home for the New Year! And since we’re on the eve of a family gathering or two, wouldn’t it make sense to turn our gaze to that most hallowed of holiday living spaces—the dining room?

rectangular dining room table

Round, Rectangular or Drop Leaf: Your Dining Room Table

You have a vision in mind: your friends and family have assembled to enjoy a meal with you in your home or apartment. What does that dining room table look like exactly?

Here at 5th Avenue Furniture, we’re imagining this could be a rectangular dining table—giving you ample room for at least 5 guests or family members. As you spread out and prepare to feast, you’ll take note of the faux marble or richly finished veneer at the base of the piece.

Alternatively, you may be envisioning a more intimate gathering for 2 or 3, ideally suited by a round counter height table. Inject a bit of Old World glam in there, and feel yourself all the more cultured for it.

Your Seating Arrangement: Upholstered Side Chairs & Benches

Next to your table, you’re obviously thinking about the seating you’ll include. Depending on the number of guests you expect, and the style you already have going in the room, you have a few different options here.

As a general rule, we always recommend upholstered side chairs—both for cushioning, and aesthetics—at the head and foot of your dining table. On the sides, between a seat or two, a dining bench is ideal—allowing your guests to choose the seating that calls to them most.

The Perfect Dining Room Server: Stylish, and Always Available

Now you may be asking yourself, what else could I possibly need (besides an extra hand to help with serving). And suddenly, you’ve answered your own question!

A dining room server, although often overlooked, can be invaluable to you when the time comes to see yourself and your guests equipped with plates, silverware and all the extra utensils you always forget about.

Go with a style of dining server that complements your existing decor, and watch how you rake in the praise. 

Why not make your dreams for your dining room a reality? Swing by 5th Avenue Furniture in Detroit, MI, to renovate on any budget.