Friday, July 19, 2019

The Wonder of Real Wood Furniture Is for You

When you look into hardwood furniture for your home, you can see why this natural material has the reputation it does for beauty and durability. So for today’s blog post, your friends at 5th Avenue Furniture will lay down for you some of the reasons the slight cost increase for genuine wood furniture might be worth it to add a touch of extra class to your abode.

real wood dining set with bench

Benefits of True Hardwood Furniture in Your Home

For one thing, your piece of new hardwood furniture will be unique even if it’s a brand’s product. That’s because no two trees are exactly alike! Spontaneity in real wood furniture is one of its biggest draws for designers and fashion-conscious homeowners alike. Then there is hardwood furniture’s legendary longevity, which is 100% true! You’re paying a slight premium on the price for proven high quality! Consider an oak tree where of course your true oak dining room chair is made from. That tree’s been standing at least a century. When you buy genuine wood furniture, you’re getting heirloom quality to pass down to your kids and grandkids! You can add to your real wood furniture’s durability simply through protective finishes, so you can eat on it, no worries, and not be bothered by inevitable spills.

 hardwood dining chairs

How Real Wood Furniture Is Earth-Friendly

Plus, by choosing the goodness of real wooden furniture, you are helping the environment! Many manufacturers of solid-wood furniture are leaders in sustainability. That means they realize that the trees they harvest to craft your real wood living room furniture is a crop so for every tree they cut down, they plant at least one seedling. When a company commits to making hardwood furniture, they know it’s a long-term investment. And certainly you can trust such solid-wood furniture makers with your real wood 6-piece dining sets and more. The manufacturing process for real wood furniture is also easier on the ecology as it forgoes the use of harsh chemicals.

Check out the hardwood furniture selection at our Detroit,MI store, and if it’s not on the floor, no problem. We will order it!