Friday, June 29, 2018

Decking Out Your Kids Room for the New School Year

 Kid's Bedroom Furniture
While we may be entering the Summer of ’18 (and what a warm one it’s been!), before you know it your kids will be grabbing their knapsacks and lining up down the street for the school bus. A lot can happen in a couple months. The question is: will your kid’s room furniture be smooth enough for your son or daughter come September?

Whether your kid’s in grammar school, middle school high school (or even college) you should be thinking about updating their decor (if they haven’t already started making demands) at least once every few years. The best place to start, undoubtedly, would be children’s beds.

Cool Beds for Kids of All Ages

The crux of it: kids grow up fast--so fast that they outgrow their beds faster than you or they even realize sometimes. And that’s just talking about size. Who do you know, kid or adult, who’s still into the same styles 5 years later? When you’re shopping for your children, think years ahead, at color schemes, kids bedding, headboards and everything in between.

One of our favorite design trends in kid’s beds these days: the full panel storage bed. When you give your kid a secret stash, their imagination goes wild, as their bedroom suddenly becomes a whole lot cooler (and somewhere they’re more likely to hang out and study). 

 Kid's Bunk Beds

Cheap Bunk Beds for Kids and Sleepovers

More than extra storage, who doesn’t love the classic bunkbed? As American as all those Saturday morning cartoons we once watched on TV (long before the iPhone), a new boy or girl’s bunkbed is a great idea for any child’s bedroom—giving you a centerpiece to furnish the rest of the space in a way that’ll simply be cool.

When’d you think you’d ever see a bunkbed and work station combo for sale? Our kids today be hustling. But that should excite you! Your highschooler won’t be too cool for a twin bunkbed and futon, and they may even thank you for it. 

 Kid's Computer Desks

Grab a Children’s Computer Desk and Chair

At the end of the school day, your kid’s going to need to do his or her homework somewhere. Why not meet them halfway (without any algebra) by grabbing a themed computer desk and chair that’ll make their lives easier? Give them all the space they need, at a desk that’ll inspire them to do their best.

Singlehandedly, a spacious computer desk can get your kid focusing on their homework like nothing else (and they’ll appreciate it, too).

5th Avenue Furniture Wants to Deck Out Your Kid’s Bedroom

It’s that easy. Just stop by our discount furniture store in Detroit, MI and we’ll hook you and your kids up with the coolest kid’s bedroom furniture on the market.

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