Tuesday, August 21, 2018

A Novel Interior Design Notion: A Living Room Without a Sofa!

While of course we at 5th Avenue Furniture think our living room sofa and loveseat selection is numero uno, just maybe you want something radical for your space. Sometimes it’s a matter of limited square footage. Or maybe you’re just an artistic iconoclast, being contrary as a way of life. Perhaps you DON’T want a sofa or loveseat just because everybody else has them! You know what? That’s okay. And you won’t have to sit cross-legged or lie on the area rug if you don’t want to. Here are some cool suggestions for your unusual, sofa-less living room.

 living room bench

Living Room Bench and Chair Combos

Maybe flexibility is what you’re looking for in a living room so sofas aren’t for you. No problem. A few strategically placed, funky-design living room benches and plush chairs of any size are comfortable and fun to rearrange for a party or to gather around the big-screen TV for movie night.

 living room accent chair

Chairs Plus Ottoman Equal Chic

Another design tip is to gather a few accent chairs around an oversize ottoman for some me time with your laptop and morning coffee or small-group conversational space that’s not intimidating. Sit a spell, put your feet up, have a drink, and enjoy!


A Living Room Daybed!

If you’re really keen on economizing your floor space in style, and a living room futon is too college-ish for your taste, never fear. A smartly designed daybed may be just the thing, particularly if you live in a studio apartment. Your room will look well put together rather than improvised. Throw in a trundle bed and you can even put up a friend overnight without springing for a sleeper sofa. A living room daybed may seem to be cheating on the no-sofa challenge here but technically it’s not a sofa so we’re good.

For dynamic living room furniture ideas, whether they include a sofa or not, stop by our Detroit, MI store.

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