Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Furniture Arranging and the Art of Feng Shui

Feng shui, pronounced “fung shway,” is the Chinese concept of placing objects such as furniture in advantageous places to make the most of cosmic energy (chi) in a given place. Whether you accept this premise or not, it has produced harmonious, practical design results worth having a look at. So here are some fun examples of how feng shui can add interest to the arrangements of your home furniture in various rooms.

 Living room sectional sofa

Righteous Feng Shui Living Rooms

If you are using your living room as you ought to, really for living, then according to feng shui its energy is “yang” (masculine) because there is much activity, including new people and lively conversation. With that in mind, the arrangement of your living room furniture should draw and concentrate the right kind of energy.

With the space you have, how can you and your guests get the most out of feng shui with the furniture here? Placement of your living room sofa makes a big difference. It should have a wall behind and be in the “command position,” meaning when you are sitting on it you can see the door but the sofa should not directly face the door.

Once you’ve got your sofa arrangement settled, remember that according to good feng shui, a living room is brighter than a bedroom, preferably with sunlight but lamps will do. Mirrors in your living room are considered bad luck, but potted plants attract good chi. Also, relevant to furniture, try to arrange it so it has “four corners,” a square or rectangular configuration. This is supposed to draw good people to you.

 Bedroom furniture

Peaceful Bedroom Arrangements

In feng shui philosophy, because your bedroom is more of a private space, its energy is “yin” (feminine). It is one of the home’s three main focuses in feng shui, the others being the kitchen and front door. Ideally it should be in the rear of your home. When it comes to your bedroom furniture, make sure your bed doesn’t face the door, but it can’t be on the same wall as the door either! Likewise, a mirror facing your bed is bad feng shui. Avoid placing plants in your bedroom. The head of your bed should be against a wall for a feeling of security. Make sure it is not under a window, in order to avoid disturbance to your sleep from chi or more commonly noise from outside.

 Home office furniture

Productive Home Office Feng Shui

Your home office is a yang space so it should be as far from your bedroom, a yin space, as possible. Pick decor such as accent pieces and mementoes that make you feel appreciated and successful. As for your home office furniture, like the sofa in another yang room, your home office desk should be in the command position, in which you can see the door but are not directly facing it. Avoid having your home office desk face a wall, but if you must do so, have some inspiring art to look at!

The south side of your home office has fire as its feng shui energy, to do with fame and reputation, so warm colors such as red are lucky while blues and images of water are bad.

The office’s north side has water and metal for its feng shui energy elements, concerning career and your life’s path. Pictures in black or white frames are recommended.

Your room’s southeast corner is to do with prosperity and abundance. Therefore choose images for it associated with those things.

Finally, avoid cluttered spots in your rooms as these block the flow of chi.

Feng shui’s big disclaimer is that you won’t see dramatic changes in your life by rearranging your furniture, only subtle improvements.

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